Segment Bolts

Professional manufacturer for segment bolts and nuts production, main applied on heavy machinery on sprockets assembly and small segments repair works. Generally, bolts' design as actual application with hexagonal & half-moon head, whilst, The design of unthread rod diameter is bigger than thread rod diameter can guarantee the best strength to be hold on working well in field. Whilst, Nuts' design is also thicker than common. Whilst accept to mark the logo as yours conditions on acceptable order quantity.

Mostly supply, We always supply our customers in grade 10.9 and grade 12.9 on these segment bolts with corresponding nuts in grade 10.

Can identify Caterpillar & Komatsu & Berco & Ajax & BYG part numbers fully.

Mechanical Properties as below for reference :

  Tensile Strength Hardness
Grade 8.8 120,000 P.S.I (85.0 Kg/mm2) HRC26~32
Grade 10.9 150,000 P.S.I (105.0 Kg/mm2) HRC32~38
Grade 12.9 170,000 P.S.I (120.0 Kg/mm2) HRC38~42


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Ningbo Jetty Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. will get all responsibility on all figure dimensions difference and any broken in field based on normal using conditions..Whilst also get all responsibility on all wrong operation by us if available.

Quality Guarantee Time: 12 month (Start From Shipment Date).

Our factory had passed authorized ISO9001-2008 certificates.